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Before having eyelash extension you MUST have a patch test done. For this we glue a couple of lashes to the outside lashes of both eyes. This way if you have any reaction to the glue what ever then it would be advisable not to have them done.


Eyelash extensions are great for either a one off special occasion or to have all the time. If you have fine lashes or pale lashes they can make your lashes look thicker and darker. It is advisable that very pale lashes are dyed before application. When you have lash extensions there is no need to wear mascara.


The extensions are made of a synthetic material in the shape of your lashes. There are many lengths, curls and thicknesses so you can decide what sort of look you would like to go for. You should bear in mind that everyone is different and what might suit someone else may not be suitable for you. A single lash extension is bonded to one of

your natural lashes.


The average life cycle of your lashes is 90 days although there is a continuous cycle of replenishment so you don’t usually notice this. The lash extensions if looked after should last 2-3 weeks you will of course loose a few during this time as you would loose some of your lashes naturally.


I have to say since having my first set I’m hooked. It’s one less thing I have to think about when I get up in the morning, or when I go out. I love them.

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