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If you decide to have nail extensions there is one thing you should know, they are stronger than normal nails but NOT indestructible you need to take care of them. Gel is a liquid, which is set by placing under a UV light, it does not smell and is easy to apply and remove. This is my preferred method of nail extensions.  This is totally personal and in no way means it is better than any other.


A lot of ladies are under the misconception that one or other of the treatments will damage your nails.  Nails are damaged if they are applied or removed incorrectly.  They are not damaged by the product itself. All nail treatments are just as good as one another.


I have had many ladies come to me for maintenance saying that they have got Gel nail extensions, after a few questions from me they discover it is in fact Acrylic (L&P) and not Gel. Gel nails are set by placing under a UV light.  Acrylic is a mixture of liquid and powder (hence it’s proper name of L&P) it sets in the air, and most of them have a very strong smell.  Some of the nail bars put a coat of Gel on top of the finished product and set in a UV light they claim they are Gel nails, this is not correct.  If you have asked for Gel Nails make sure it is Gel you get as some places will charge more for it! Many Gel nail technicians are very reluctant to remove Acrylic.


I do free hand nail art designs as I like the individuality of it rather then 10 identical nails.  I enjoy using glitters, shells, lace and other materials.  Nice nails can make you feel complete. As your nails grow you will need to have the maintenance done to keep them looking nice – approx every three weeks.